Inventory Operative

£10.18 per hour
16.00 To 02.00 Monday To Thursday

Job Description

Job title: Inventory Operative
Location: Coventry, CV3
Hours: 4pm-2am
General Qualities required:
This is an absolutely key role in the organisation. You will help to drive inventory management and ensure correct availability and efficient reporting of all SKU's within the warehouse. You will be highly self-motivated and able to prioritise tasks whilst working individually and as part of a small team. A commitment to excellence is assumed as is the ability to help drive continuous improvement thru the inventory operation. You must be an excellent communicator both in writing and verbally and should possess a high level of skill in Excel and WMS usage. You should also have an ability to adapt to change and have strong organisational skills to work in busy environment.
Technical qualifications:
Whilst a formal related qualification would be seen as advantageous it is accepted that the right person may be qualified through experience rather then thru a formal education structure.
Reports to:
You will report directly to the inventory manager.
Reports from:
Reports when:
- A number of weekly and daily reports will be required
- Consumables
- Warehouse occupancy
- Mispicks
- Order cancellations-
- Cycle Count

• It is vital though that there is a consistent informal communication flow between internal departments and external customers to ensure the smooth running of the various inventory and reporting functions .

Key functional areas:
The role of the inventory operative is multifaceted and cannot be fully encompassed in a single document
However, the key daily requirements of the role are
- Experience in managing inventory in a large warehouse environment with in excess of 17,000 pallet locations.
- Outstanding data interpretation and reporting skills.
- An advanced user of excel spreadsheets
- To manage day to day activity
- Ability to prioritise daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks
- Customer focused with an ability to communicate at all levels
- To be confident with handling WMS
- Maintain controls for returned and damaged stock
-Undertake Perpetual inventory counts and perform in-depth stock investigations
- Removal of all obsolete, short dated stock and processed accordingly maintaining traceability at all times
-Responsible that all Customer queries or discrepancies are reviewed and resolved in accordance to deadlines